Imagine deciding to purchase your first home, refinance, buy that investment property, or the vacation home you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s a big deal. You’re excited…and nervous. You need so much paperwork! How will you stay organized? How will you get through this on your own without dropping the ball?

You don’t have to do it alone. My team and I will hold your hand throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

My Story

Hi, I’m Tina, founder of Loan Allies and Personal Loan Originator, working under South Florida Mortgage.

When I was just 17 years old, I moved to the United States from the Middle East. I was passionate, motivated, and knew I wanted more out of life than I could gain in my native country.

I grew up in a diverse culture, surrounded by many different languages and customs. Because of my upbringing, I find it easy to relate to all kinds of people, so it was natural for me to build a career centered on interacting with people.

Today, I love that my work allows me to help people get more out of life by accomplishing their goals of home ownership and affording the home of their dreams. These days, home has taken on even more meaning than it did in the past. Now, we’re not just relaxing at home – we’re also working. So it has become even more important for our homes to be places of comfort and refuge from the world.

My work as a mortgage originator allows me to help people on their journeys to get more out of life through accomplishing home ownership, build passive income through obtaining an investment property, affording a vacation home and so much more

Our Mission & Values

At Loan Allies, we make acquiring a loan easy. With our simple, step-by-step process, we walk you down the entire path, from your first consultation to move-in day at your new home. We do this while always maintaining our core values:

Outstanding Customer Care & Experience

We treat our customers with kindness, attentiveness, and thoughtfulness. We are organized, quick to respond, caring, and detail oriented, so that your experience is nothing short of outstanding. We are available to help you with anything you need during the loan process and beyond, from explaining the breakdown of closing costs, to helping you upload a document & even helping you with any related issues / concerns that you may need assistance with after closing. We are your allies and support resource for life, we strive for thoughtful listening, so we really understand where you’re coming from and able to effectively and efficiently help you. Finally, we always want our customers to have a deep understanding of the mortgage process, so we work to constantly educate our customers so you feel confident in your choices.


Straightforward Communication

We use a clear, easy to follow process to guide you toward a loan that’s ideal for you. We will never try to talk you into something that isn’t in your best interest. And if you have any questions or concerns along the way, we’re proud to offer quick and prompt communication. 

Honesty & Transparency

We uphold the highest moral and fiscal codes of behavior. We demonstrate honesty, transparency, and fairness in all of our actions. We treat our customers, teams, and partners with respect, and we value diverse perspectives.

Ethics and Integrity

You’ll never have to worry about unscrupulous business practices with us. We will never twist the truth to put our clients in a compromising financial position. We function within a framework of ethical behavior and of maintaining integrity at all times.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We value and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. We love working with entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, and individuals interested in growing their wealth. Our clients often leverage existing mortgages to purchase investment properties, vacation homes and retirement properties. We know that a mortgage is an excellent wealth-building tool. We want to be there to help you along your unique wealth-building journey. Ask us about wealth building, passive income and free college housing strategies.

Taking Care of Our People

Our partners and affiliates are the foundation of our business. We celebrate success and strive to always maintain a positive spirit. We encourage feedback from our allies and affiliates and appreciate the diverse perspectives and experiences they bring to our business.

Continuous Improvement

We are devoted to the idea of success through continuous improvement. We strive to always do better by listening to client feedback, keeping up with the latest market technologies, staying on top of the newest incentives and loan programs, and studying industry best practices.



We are committed to delivering the best service and products possible. We take accountability for our actions and strive for superior execution and performance. We know that great companies demand excellence from all facets of their organization, so we work toward excellence in all areas of business, from scheduling appointments all the way up to closing on high-dollar loans.

Dedicated to Fair & Responsible Lending Practices

The Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) protect consumers by prohibiting unfair and discriminatory practices.

We are dedicated to fair and honest lending practices, and will uphold all fair-lending laws and regulations. Loan Allies is committed to the spirit of equal opportunity, and will never engage in discriminatory practices based on race or color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, or disability.

Our lending program guarantees that a person will never be refused a loan based on these characteristics, nor will they be offered less favorable terms due to these characteristics.


We are committed to offering a variety of home loan programs, so that people of all economic status may have a chance at home ownership.


We are also dedicated to building business relationships within our community.


We assert that we will work with all available avenues, including local, state, and federal programs, to help our clients achieve home ownership.


We are committed to providing our clients with excellent customer service that optimizes the customer experience at all times.


We want to be your mortgage originators of choice. If you have any grievances, we encourage you to contact us so that we may address your concerns promptly and fairly.

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